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In a business world where complexity now appears to be the norm, and there can never be enough information or analysis, you won’t be surprised to discover that the Sykes Fairbairn approach of clarity and simplicity has gained many friends. And whilst every organisation is different, as are the people within them and the issues they face, it’s a fact that when things are working well, it all looks really simple, and that’s because when you get to the heart of it, it usually is.

Nevertheless, over simplification is not our way either, and whilst the following will give you a good feel for our thinking and how we work, it’s not prescriptive, but rather a route map with stops and diversions on the way. And that’s OK; because we think enjoying the journey is just as important as liking the place we end up. So for ease of communication, we’ve encapsulated our approach into 3 headings:

Purpose Progress Performance