Purpose is where the disconnect between leaders and their people is most apparent, although paradoxically defining Purpose is often really difficult to do. Most leaders think it’s obvious what their people should be doing, what their organisation stands for and what they are trying to achieve. But for organisations stuck in that awful energy sapping merry-go-round of lots of activity but not much action, this is the most likely place to start putting things right.
For the vast majority of organisations, it’s simply impossible to be all things to all people – so we will ask you to look closely at yourselves and determine what you really want to achieve and why. From there, we will help you define the key focus areas, how to communicate it and how to make it happen. You also need to be sure where the Centre of Gravity of your organisation or department lies – its primary function; what it must excel at first and foremost.
It sounds easy, but in the real world it can be extremely difficult for leaders to take that step back, be objective and really define and communicate Purpose. Which is where we come in; we have considerable experience in this critical area.
Some of the tools we might use include: Vision & Strategy Workouts, Culture Change, Mobilisation Conferences and Change Leadership.