Dialogue with direction

Performance conversations are the pipe-cleaners of the organisation.

Modern Organisations have too stuff much to do. They have to position them selves to succeed now and in the future. The competitive advantage they had last year is being eroded and they need to seek new points of differentiation. They are required to run the Business and Change the business constantly. However they are often constipated and impeded in their attempts to change by their own internal friction.

Friction is made up of misperceptions, misaligned processes, differing agendas, dysfunctional systems, bureaucracy, dysfunctional teams and probably most critically the authority to decide is often divorced from the key information. These are the things, which make it hard to get things done. The lubricant that is required is the effective performance conversation. These are not your quarterly performance management meetings which sadly in most organisations lead to a dip in performance rather than a spike.

These are daily conversations, which are held in the right context, that take account the systemic nature of the problems, that are open, free flowing, forward looking, full of positive conflict and reach conclusions. The cathartic nature of good performance conversations frees up the organisation to act in the right way given their best understanding of what they face.

Has anyone in your organisation failed to make their point? Or failed to speak up for fear of looking stupid? Or failed to challenge your boss when you disagreed? Or had a positive conversation only to discover that you have solved the wrong problem? Or walked away from a conversation feeling less motivated than when you started? Everytime that has happened then the company has lost the opportunity to hear another perspective and possibly make progress in the right direction.

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