If you ask someone why they’ve had a good day at work, they’re more than likely to say it’s because they’ve achieved something: learnt a new skill, completed a task, closed a deal. It can be anything really, just as long as there is that feeling of movement in the desired direction. Setbacks are fine too, if they’re seen as part of the learning process.
So what happens if we’re not making Progress? Managers who aren’t getting the results they want tend to react by going into more detail, demanding more metrics and exerting tighter control. This just makes things worse as the most likely result will be employees who are demotivated, patronised and confused. To regain Progress what is needed is not more detail but more clarity, not tighter control but better direction.
Research tells us that one of the biggest factors affecting the happiness of employees is having a sense of Progress. And whilst it doesn’t have to take much to achieve that, it can too easily be lost in the fog of activity and the demands of the day-to-day. We can help you with some ‘quick wins’ together with a development for a longer term strategy.
Some of the tools we might use include:
Team Development, Organisational Scorecard Development, Facilitation of Operational Planning, Process Improvement, Action Learning, Performance Management Processes, Management Development, Project Management